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Clergy & Directors

Rev. Kent Ingram
Senior Minister
Rev. Tiffany Keith
Executive Minister
Rev. Patty Walker
Pastor of FUMC Prairie Campus
Rev. Dr. Todd Spencer
Minister of Spiritual Formation
Rev. Ann McClellan
Minister of Caring
Rev. Heather McDuffee
Minister of Missions and Outreach
Douglas Grogan
Minister of Music & Arts
Marjorie Gross
Director of Children's Ministries
Zach Walker
Director of Youth
Kim Monjesky
Director of Finance
Aria Godina
Director of Communications
Bryan Hurst
Director of Technology
Bruce Phillips
Chapel Pastor
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Dianna Flaherty
Director of the Preschool
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Finance and Membership Office

Kat Brandenberger
Finance and Membership Office
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Administrative Staff

Ciera Woodward
Welcome and Events
Lisa Szumigala
Administrative Assistant Children's Ministries, Youth & College Age Ministries
Jeanna Wearing
Administrative Assistant Music and Arts
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Dr. Joe Galema
Principal Organist
Janice Kinsley
Music Assistant
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Jerom Vasquez
Facilities Manager
Candis Rotolo
Harold Losey
Lorenzo Pena
Russ Gartner