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Here you'll find our livestreams and bulletins for our services this week. 

8am Traditional Chapel Service

Join us a 8am in our Chapel for our Traditional Chapel Service.

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9am Crossroads Service

Join us a 9am in our Sanctuary for our Crossroads Contemporary Service.

To see some of our previously streamed Crossroads Services, click here.

9am SOCO-CW Service

If you are unable to join us in person, please worship with us via TV on SOCO-CW at 9am on Sunday mornings.

Over The Air: 57.1

Comcast: 657 (HD) and 7 (SD)

DirecTV: 57

Dish: 57

CenturyLink Prizm: 1020 (HD) and 20 (SD)

Over The Air: 57.1

Comcast: 1020 (HD) and 7 (SD)

DirecTV: 57

Dish: 57

CenturyLink Prizm: 1020 (HD) and 20 (SD)

TDS Cable: 115

Falcon Broadband: 503

Over The Air: 57.1

Charter: 12 (SD)

RTC Tvision: 7 (SD)

BeulahLand: 422 (HD) and 57 (SD)

11am Traditional Service

9am Combined Pride Service


In this powerful sermon, we delve into the heart of human nature, exploring our tendencies to underestimate challenges and overestimate our abilities. Drawing inspiration from the true story depicted in "The Perfect Storm" and the biblical account of Peter walking on water, we reflect on the profound lessons about faith, courage, and resilience.

How can a simple fisherman become a foundation of faith? What does it mean to feel unworthy of God's call? Can you really make a difference if you're just normal? This week's sermon delves into the transformation of Simon, an ordinary fisherman, into Peter, the 'rock' upon which the church was built. Discover how Jesus calls us in our imperfections and fears, and empowers us to fulfill our divine missions. Join us as we explore these questions and more in this powerful message of hope and acceptance.

It's Pentecost! In this week's sermon we talk about metaphors, dances, and reverb, oh my! What do we feel when we feel the spirit? How do we tackle this dance of faith?

This last week at general conference some truly historic events occured. As we open our new series, "Dare to Dance", we explore the history of LGBTQ+ people in the United Methodist Church, we also explore how to dance with one another.

This sermon dives into a story from Mark 16 where Jesus asks his disciples, "Who do people say that I am?" We explore the concept of feeling seasickness in our mistakes, and how Jesus can be our anchor even in those moments. We will also discuss the meaning behind Peter's confession, "You are the Christ, the Son of God."

How can we remember the peace of Christ amidst our divisions? How can we embrace unity in a world of separation? What happens when we forget who we are in God? This week's final sermon in our Dare to Dance series, "Relearning the Dance of Peace," dives into these questions and more.

How can we dance while grieving? How can we dance for others in grief? What happens when we lose people close to us? This second week in our series "Dare to Dance" explores these questions and more. 

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