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First Company

First Company is the Church's drama group.  They have been presenting major theatrical and musical performances here at FUMC for over 29 years in the Church's Theatre.  Creativity and passion for performing arts by everyone involved are the main keys to the success that First Company achieves in every show they present.  They typically present a production in late fall and early spring.  They also present living tableaus on Maundy Thursdays of Jesus' last days, a living nativity scene during several Christmas Eve Services and a melodrama in the summer, held at our Ranch in south of Divide, Colorado. If you have more questions, you may contact First Company at firstcompany@fumc-cs.org


First Company has been honored with the Bronze - Reader's Choice "Best of The Springs" 2017 Award for the productions of "The Boxcar Children." Congratulations First Company!!


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The Treasure of Shiver River


Or it’s Hard to Drive Cattle When Their Horns are Frozen

By Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus

Directed by Marty Fennewald


6:30 p.m. Friday, July 30 at the John Wesley Ranch, 21285 Colorado Highway 67, Divide

12:30 p.m. Saturday, July 31 at the John Wesley Ranch, 21285 Colorado Highway 67, Divide

2 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 1 at Broadmoor Community Church, 315 Lake Ave.

Cost: Free (a hamburger lunch is available for $5 before both performances at John Wesley Ranch)


This is the freshest old-fashioned mellerdramer we’ve seen, and it’s laugh out loud funny, to boot!  All the traditional plot elements are here.  From the nasty scoundrel Rod Enreel, who will soon take over the Shiver River Ranch and find the hidden treasure if Colonel Sanders can’t sell his cattle to come up with the mortgage money, to heroic Marshal Marshall Law, who would love to propose to Heidi Claire, the colonel’s daughter, yet he can’t.  And yes, there’s always the vile option for Heidi to marry the black-hearted villain, though he only plans to do her in and abscond with the treasure and his romance novel-loving partner-in-crime, Paige Turner.  Ah, but did we mention that our villain doesn’t have a good evil laugh and has to appoint an Evil Laugher from the audience?  Or that Marshal and Heidi wonder curiously why they hear romantic music every time they’re in a scene together?  Both your cast and your audience will love all the show-stealing roles, such as a pirate queen, a semi-reformed female gambler and an auctioneer who’s tricked into thinking he’s a dog by a con artist with as many accents as the United Nations.


Rod Enreel (Dan Russell): Our villain; a many with a plan or two. Or twenty-six

Heidi Clair Sanders (Nicole Louis) Our heroine who always sees the bright side of things; Colonel Ticonderoga Sanders’ daughter



Marshall Marshall Law (Levin Roberts): Territorial marshal and our her; madly in love with Heidi, but reluctant to propose for some reason


Dr. Ophelia Payne (Heidi Isaac): Con artist pretending to be a German doctor; in cahoots with Rod Enreel


Paige Turner (Kayleigh Hudson): Rod’s girl; loves Rod almost as much as her romance novels



Lotta Luck (Mary Pearsall): Ex-gambler and owner of the Shiver Valley Hotel, trying not to revert to her old ways


Scoop O’Malley (Wayne Heilman): Eager newspaper man, overly curious because “his readers want to know”



Colonel Ticonderoga Sanders (Marty Pearsall): Cattle baron and owner of the Shiver Valley Ranch



Orin Gold (Marty Fennewald): Grizzled old prospector who is searching for the treasure of Shiver River



Burlap Bonnie (Debbie Louis): Ex-pirate queen; keeps rolled up maps stuck in her belt, her hat, her coat



Rusty Nail (Nick Louis) Auctioneer: Fast talker who gets confused when he gets too excited


Gail Nail (Shelby Evnoika): Rusty’s worried wife