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United Women in Faith

United Methodist Women (UMW) has recently been renamed United Women in Faith (UWF). Only our name has changed, not our mission. We are the largest denominational faith organization for women with approximately 800,000 members world wide whose mission is fostering spiritual growth, developing leaders and advocating for justice.

We say that UWF is Women in Mission, and that has powerful implications. Since 1869, UWF has led a struggle for human rights and social justice.

Today, it would be difficult to find an issue involving human rights or social justice that UWF is not involved in.

  • Human trafficking in Cambodia 
  • Sudan genocide 
  • Aging US population 
  • Race and power 
  • Immigration 
  • Women in prison
  • and hundreds of other issues


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UWF Groups

All of this work begins at the local level, with women in the UMW Circles and Interest Groups. In addition to funding mission projects, UWF groups encourage and support women in their Christian walk. All groups meet at the church, except for the Skyline Circle*

Joy Circle  | second Thursday of the month  | 7:00pm |  not in July and August.

Sunshine Circle  |  second Wednesday of the month  | 9:30am  |  not in July and August.

Mary Martha Circle  |  third Tuesday of the month  | 1:00pm  |  not in July and August.

Nightingale Circle  |  third Thursday of the month  | 1:30pm  | not in June and July.

*Skyline Circle  |  fourth Tuesday of the month  |  1:30pm  | Garden Room at Brookdale, 2365 Patriot Heights

Quilting Group  |  every Monday at 9:00am

Card Workshop  |  2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month  |  9:00am

Craft Group  |  second Thursday of the month  | 1:00pm

Reading Group  |  fourth Wednesdays of February, May, August and November  |  1:30pm


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Giving makes mission possible. It provides food, shelter, education, employment, health care, and human rights advocacy for the many living on the margins of society.

Many UWF members make an annual Pledge to Mission, in addition to their overall church pledges. Some also raise money with their time and talents.

Online Giving

Each year, the ladies of the UWF gather for a special tea and a time of preparing our hearts for the holidays.