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FUMC Facebook

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Clergy & Directors

Rev. Kent Ingram
Senior Minister
Rev. Tiffany Keith
Associate Minister, Minister of The Edge
Rev. Steve Harter
Minister of Music & Arts
Rev. Dr. Todd Spencer
Minister of Spiritual Formation
Rev. Ann McClellan
Minister of Caring & Missions Ministries
Rev. Patty Walker
Pastor of FUMC Prairie Campus
Marjorie Gross
Director of Children's Ministries
Zach Walker
Director of Youth
Leanne Schreiner
Director of Finance & Administration
Annalie Ceballos
Director of Communications
Bryan Hurst
Director of Technology
Laura Whitmore
Minister of Visitation
Bruce Phillips
Chapel Pastor
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Dianna Flaherty
Director of the Preschool
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Finance Office

Colleen Prior
Finance Office
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Administrative Staff

Jana Brink
Administrative Assistant & Welcome Desk
Donna Di Muccio
Administrative Assistant Sr. Minister-Bereavement/Wedding Coordinator
Lisa Szumigala
Administrative Assistant Children's Ministries, Youth & College Age Ministries
Jeanna Wearing
Administrative Assistant Music and Arts
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Dr. Joe Galema
Principal Organist
Janice Kinsley
Music Assistant
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Jerom Vasquez
Facilities Manager
Candis Rotolo
Harold Losey
Lorenzo Pena
Russ Gartner