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Parent Testimonials

"Our experience at FUMC Pre-school has been wonderful from the moment that we first walked through the door. During a year of unprecendented challenges, Ms. Serena and Ms. Nichole have been unwaveringly professional, kind, creative, and instrumental in our son's growth. Both teachers greet our son every morning with a smile, provide a welcoming classroom environment, and continuous encouragement to play, learn, and grow every day. We are so grateful to have found this community and look forward to many more years of laughter and learning at FUMC Pre-school." Elizabeth Peters, June 2021

"Thank you so much for four years of love, patience, and encouragement. FUMC Pre-school has been a blessing to Eden and her family. Eden has blossomed and developed the skills she needs to continue on to kindergarten. Your leadership and true commitment was a part of Eden's progress. Thank you!" Fox-Freeburg families, June 2021

"Our daughters have been attending FUMC Preschool for almost 3 years and have loved every single day! They have learned so much, developed life long social skills, and had so much fun! As parents, sending our girls to preschool here was one of the best decisions we've ever made." Brooke and Jason Sexton, April 2021

"Our family has been attending FUMC MMO/Preschool for four years now. As a military family, we are very sad to leave FUMC Preschool. We have been in awe at the education and the relationships we have built over the years. Every teacher has been wonderful. If you're looking for a fun, creative, loving, and family environment, you will not be disappointed with FUMC's Preschool/MMO program. We will miss everyone, and they will forever hold a place in our hearts!" Jennifer Austin, April 2021

"We have absolutely loved our time at FUMC!  I feel like the program from the teachers, staff, curriculum, and spiritually has exceeded every expectation we had! Above all else has been the feeling of love and joy that you instantly have from every person at FUMC.  I knew I was leaving my children in loving hands, and I can not explain how good that felt.  FUMC is a secret gem!  You will be greatly missed!" Melody Clifford, April 2021

"Dianna, as a military family, we know you are all too familiar with good-byes and transition. We also know that you understand there are some good-byes that are harder than others... and this is definitely one of them. For the past three years, you have loved our "littles" like your own and we cannot say thank you enough for investing so much into them. You and FUMC Preschool will forever be one our favorite things about Clorado Springs!" With much appreciation and love, Jennifer, June 2020

"Thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful year. Though our path is going a different direction, we are very fond of FUMC preschool. And I can't say enough good things about Ms. Stacy and Ms. Diane. They were just who Alisan needed this past year. She has grown and learned more than I could have imagined. Thank you for all you do to facilitate this! We will miss you all!" Marissa, May 2020

"My son has enjoyed every day! FUMC Preschool emphasis is on play and socialization which are both so important at this age. It has been wonderful to watch my child develop in a warm and loving atmosphere. I would highly recommend FUMC Preschool!" Dr. Melissa Ewer, Pediatrician, August 2019

"We have been so happy with our experience at FUMC (MMO). Our daughter has grown and developed so much in the care of Ms. Alex and Ms. Alicia. At first, she was shy at drop-off, and then very quickly she seemed to realize what a safe and fun place it was to be. Pretty soon I could barely get her to say goodbye to me as she couldn't wait to be with her friends and teachers. I am thrilled we found this wonderful program! Thank you!" Edie Carey, May 2019

"Our experience with the Mom's Morning Out Program (MMO) at FUMC has been a true gift to our family. Our almost 2 year old had struggled with separation anxiety, and would rarely enjoy her time in the care of someone outside of our immediate family. It tool her only days to warm to the kind and compassionate care of Alex and Alicia. The predictability and routine became a constant our daughter did not want to miss. In fact, her first time to verbally participate in our meal time gratititude ritual, when asked what she was grateful for, the repsonse was 'Ms. Alex and Ms. Alicia'!" Kris Felps, May 2019

"FUMC has been a wonderful experience for my grandson. He has attended the school since he was two years old. It has been a great foundation and has prepared him for kindergarten. He has excelled in learning and in developing his social skills He has made a lot of friends at school. We will miss them next year. The teachers at the school are the best. They are very loving and patient with all the children. Thay have truly gone above and beyond to teach and guide their classrooms and to prepare each child for their next steps. We wil be forever grateful to all the teachers at FUMC." Mary Falese May 2019

"My daughter has attended FUMC (Preschool) for two years, and we have only positives from our experience. Our favorite thing is how genuinely loving, friendly, and concerned the teachers and Ms. Dianna are to our kids. We didn't even realize the school cuririculum was play-based, but once they explained it and we witnessed it, we were converts. Our creative, indpendent girl thrived and learned a ton! Any school she attends from here on will have a high standard to meet. Thank you, Ms. Dianna, Ms. Stacy, Ms. Sevena, Ms. Kelly, Ms. Alicia, and Ms. Janita for your love and support during (my daughter's) 2s and 3s."  Sarah Martinez, May 2019

"FUMC Preschool has been a wonderful experience for our son and whole family. We have loved to watch him grow and thrive in the last three years. His teachers have been attentive and caring, and his imagination and creativity has really bloomed (especially this year!). Thank you for all you do!" Martha Muehleiseu, May 2019

"Our daughter, Addy, attended First United Methodist Church Preschool for three years. When she first started, she was incredibly shy and would barely talk in class. Thanks to the wonderful teashers at FUMC, Addy became more social and interactive each school year. She lloved going to school!!! I cannot say enough good things about this preschool. They were definitely a blessing to our family. We were so sad when we were relocated to another state and had to leave the preschool. We miss the faculty and students at FUMC every day!" Betsy Raga, May 2019

"We found FUMC Preschool while looking for, my then 18 month old, Mom's Morning Out (MMO). We loved the program so much that she is now in FUMC Preschool and my youngest is in the MMO program. My 20 month old is still very attached to me but her teachers make drop-offs a breeze with fun distractions. She has learned so much within the 5 months she has attended with counting, colors, shapes, and working on SOUNS. My oldest is in the 3 year old, Penguins class and absolutely loves it. We go 3 times a week but she would go 5 times if she could. They are very structured, learning about different things that pertain to the season they are in, have sacred circle time, outdoor play, letter sounds, and recognition with so many fun activities. I couldn't be more pleased with everything they are learning. The teachers are amazing. I have all their cell phone numbers and they text me with pictures of my kiddos having a blast at school. It's a smaller program, which I love, so everyone feels like family and the teachers and director truly care about your child. We love FUMC!" Julie Fair, May 2018

" My son, Aiden, was a part of the Pre-K class 2017-2018 school year. Hands down one of the best preschools we have been a part of. We are a military family, so moving is something we do alot! Aiden was welcomed with open arms. We all felt like we were a part of this big family. Aiden has grown and learned so much. I feel like FUMC Preschool has prepared him for Kindergarten. We like it so much, we are sending our daughter to FUMC Preschool next year." Donna Bigley, May 2018

"We, as a family, have been so pleased with the FUMC Preschool and Mom's Morning Out Program! Our girls absolutely love going to scholl each day; they have fun, they are challenged and they get to be creative in the classroom. All the teachers have been wonderful and so caring!" Lauren Perrault, May 2018

"We are so thankful for the MMO program at First United. Our son was delayed in his speech when he started the program and within 2 months he had no issues. He has thrived in this program! He learned so much and has loved every minute of going. Ms. Traci and Ms. Morgan are one of a kind teachers, and we are beyond thankful for them! They create such a fun learning environment for the kids, and their creativity never stops! I know that my son will miss them both so much, but again we love this program!" Katie & Kyle Francis, May 2018

"Our experience at First United Methodist Preschool has been amazing. My children have loved their time there and I as a parent have really enjoyed how much the teachers truly cared about my children. Everyone from the director to the assistant teachers exemplify the highest level of care and attention that make this program extraordinary. Sophia and Cole have grown leaps and bounds both emotionally and mentally. My three-year-old son's speech has grown clearer and more confident and my five-year-old daughter has developed a passion for art and art education. There is no possible way I could every fully express my gratitude for this wonderful program. They have really become family." Aisha Maroon, September 2017

"First United Methodist Preschool is a dream! We love the play-based curriculum, and how kind and caring all of the teachers and sstaff are. Next year will be our son's third year at the school, and we could not be happier with how much his teachers have helped him learn and grow. They have been outstanding at communicating and working with us to meet our son's needs and overcome any obstacles that have come up. We look forward to starting our youngest here next year. Thank you, FUMC Preschool!" Kelli Trusdell. April 2017

"First United Methodist Church Preschool is the only Pre-school for our children. The staff is well trained in child development and most importantly you can feel how deeply each staff member cares for their students. We feel like part of a loving extended family. The play-based format introduces children to learning in a fun way that encourages exploration and curiosity. It was a fabulous springboard into a sucessful elementary experience for my first-grader. Although my children are very different from one another, both thrived at FUMC, and child number three is looking forward to beginning this fall." Nichole Hammond. April 2017

"We enrolled our oldest into FUMC Preschool and could not be happier with the learning environment. Our little boy blossomed with the encouragement and directed activities. He was so excited to go to school everyday. I give my highest recommendation to this family focused Preschool! Thanks for making learning fun." Charlotte Browning. September 2016

“FUMC has become part of our extended family. Our 3 young children attending this engaging pre-school during 2014-2015 school year, and had a wonderful experience in the Bears, Leapfrogs and Busy Bees classrooms. From the moment we stepped through the doors of FUMC, we were greeted with warmth, understanding, and respect by the pre-school director. In our experience, each child is encouraged to grow and learn at their own pace, while appropriate social behaviors and emotional responses are modeled by the outstanding staff and phenomenal teachers. Our family appreciated the values-based lessons, and the developmentally appropriate enrichment activities and curriculum. As an active duty Army family, if we were not preparing for yet another move, we would most certainly be returning to FUMC! We encourage you to check it out, come by for a visit, and discover this exemplary pre-school program!”  Warm Regards,  KC & Janelle Bradford. May 2015

 “To know both of our children have grown for their love of Christ and learning is cherished beyond words. The safe, nurturing environment of FUMC is unique in Colorado Springs and offers children an experience away from home in a sheltered environment. Staff welcome their students with open arms and our children are always thrilled to come to FUMC. It has been a blessing to our children and to our family for the past 6 years.” The Ladrow Family. May 2015

 “FUMC has provided an incredible environment for our children to learn, grow, and play. The leadership and staff provide a perfect curriculum of learning through play. We will forever be grateful that our child first “school” experience was without a doubt a positive experience.” The Wayne Family

 “This year was full of changes for our family from moving here from out-of-state to Grandpa having a stroke. Preschool was Asher’s constant. He made friends and the teachers were welcoming and creative. Asher loved coming to preschool and had many new and wonderful things he discovered being at FUMC Preschool. I think the Christ-centered atmosphere brought peace in the tumultuous events that have occurred this year. Thanks for a great year, FUMC Preschool!”  Amy and Brien Hamrick

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