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MEET the FUMC Preschool Staff

FUMC Preschool has a caring and dedicated teaching staff that supports and encourages your children in social, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual growth, physical and fine motor skills and fosters relationship building with their peers.  

Ms. Dianna - Preschool Director


My name is Dianna Flaherty and I have had the privilege of being a part of the FUMC Preschool since 2004.  My first 11 years were spent teaching in the young toddlers Bear's Classroom and the older toddlers Penguin's Classroom.  During our summer program, I taught children 3 - 5 year olds.

As much as I love teaching, the opportunity came up for me to expand my role at FUMC Preschool and become the Director.  Together with a team of amazing teachers, I am committed to providing each family with a loving, caring and safe preschool where their child can grow in their love of self, others, God and learning. At FUMC Preschool, we know that play is a child's most important work and we strive to create and maintain an environment where children develop a passionate love for learning while they play, have fun, and grow.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your child's life!

Ms. Alicia - Teacher


Ms. Diane - Teacher Assistant


Ms. Camilla - Teacher


Ms. Susan - Teacher Assistant


Ms. Serena - Teacher


Ms. Serena - Teacher


Ms. Samantha - Teacher Assistant


Ms. Emma - Teacher Assistant





Ms. Susan - Substitite Teacher



Ms. Nicole - Substitute Teacher


Ms. Kelli - Substitute Teacher