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The family from Afghanistan we are helping to resettle arrived! What a joy to welcome them at the airport (pic above). A big thanks to the Earnshaws and Leng Leng for being there to greet them with food, teddy bears and love. Now, we pray blessings upon this Afghan family and their children. We look forward to friendship and the journey ahead!


1. Please pray for the family that they will experience healing from the traumatic and stressful events of the last months. Pray they will absorb all that they need to know as they learn a new culture and city.

2. FUMC Downtown and Prairie Campus are collecting household items and furnishings for the family. Pastor Heather will be in contact with the community for furniture delivery/pick up and when to bring in furnishings. Some of the items still needed (as of 1/20/2022) for the family are the following:

I. FURNISHINGS (gently used; very clean)

  • End table
  • Table lamps (4)
  • Large pillows (floor style)
  • Night stand

II. KITCHEN ITEMS (gently used; very clean)

  • Large serving platters (2)
  • Reusable water bottles (6)
  • Graduated mixing bowls (1 set)
  • Cookie sheets (2)
  • Silicone spatulas & spoons
  • Tea pot
  • Tea cups (8)
  • Spider
  • Large Lazy Susan for table
  • Kitchen cleanser
  • Small containers for spice storage

III. MISC (gently used; very clean)

  • Wastebaskets (4)
  • Kitchen trash can (13 gallon)
  • Trash bags
  • Alarm clock
  • Small wall mirror (2)
  • Dustpan
  • Broom
  • Mop
  • Bike (1)
  • Portable shortwave transistor radio
  • Helmets
  • Bike locks
  • Bike tire pump
  • Bike lights

To donate items, please visit go.fumc-cs.org/AfghanSupport

If you have further questions, please email Rev. Heather McDuffee at heatherm@fumc-cs.org

THANK YOU for all you've done so far to help prepare for the family's arrival. 


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Afghan Refugee Suport Update, November 22, 2021:

It's confirmed! We are supporting TWO families!
It is a mad dash of logistics at the moment but all are excited. The first family we are supporting includes a husband, wife, and 5 children under the age of 13. They will most likely be moving the first family into their home on Saturday, Nov. 27! 
The second Family includes a husband and wife who have two daughters. A 2 year old and a 1 year old. They are also accompanied by a 26 year old male relative. We do not have a date for this family's arrival, but we're thinking it might be as soon as January.
Let us continue to pray that we can welcome the stranger as God's beloved!

A Letter to the congregation, October 2021:

Dear Friends and Members of First United Methodist Church,

Perhaps you have seen the images of the refugees from Afghanistan leaving their homes.  These people helped and served alongside our military while we were in that nation. Many were brought to safety in our country.  Now comes the hard task of helping them get settled in their new homes, in a foreign land, under difficult circumstances.

Lutheran Family Services is helping 25 families get re-settled in our city.  Lutheran Family Services has a long history of helping families in this situation.  Our congregation has a history of helping refugee families from Africa, it is a part of the very heart of who we are as a church.  The Prairie Campus has already recruited 21 folks willing to help one or more of these families.  The Downtown Campus will be invited to find ways to help as well.  Both of the campuses are going to be asked to make an offering to support at least one family for the next six months.  For $18,000 we can help one family get settled over the next six months. Between the support of the church and Lutheran Family Services, we can help a family establish a new life in our midst.

We are setting October 10 as the day to collect that offering.  We will help as many families as we can financially support.  Enclosed is an envelope for your gift. You can mail it to the church or drop it in the offering plate when you come to worship. You can give online. You can drop your gift by the church during the week.  Please mark any checks “Afghan Refugees.” We will announce on October 17, our 150th celebration, how much we raised to help our sisters and brothers from Afghanistan.  I know you will want your gift to be included in that number.

This church has a long history of caring for those that are suffering. We have an opportunity before us now to make a difference in the lives of some the most vulnerable and hurting people in our world.  Thank you, in advance, for you generous and faithful gift.

In Christ’s Service,


Kent Ingram


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