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Adults Sunday School Classes

Information is available at the Welcome Desk in the Hospitality Center on all adult classes.  Adult Sunday School classes meet at 9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Visitors are welcome in all classes. We suggest trying several classes that interests you!


Younger Adults Class (20s-40s)
Kingdom City Parent Room

If you are a younger adult, you are warmly invited to come, make some new friends and throw in your support of our budding younger adult community here at FUMC. Growing in Christ means walking together with Christ. 

Room 133S
Contact:  Bruce Phillips, 232-6390

This class of many ages enjoys a time of refreshment, friendly fellowship and study.  They look forward to welcoming visitors.  Bruce Phillips, who leads the Early Riser Chapel Worship Service, is teaching about the life of Jesus, the culture at that time and his relationships with the disciples based on stories from the Bible. They also enjoy frequent social events, and support various mission projects and student scholarships.

Early Believers
Room 21N
Contact: Duane Knutson, 527-6666 & Jill Meider, 599-4278

This is a small, group discussion oriented class. Many members are in choir, so they dismiss at 10:25 am in order to prepare for 11:00 am worship. The class uses the lectionary series, “Adult Bible Studies.”

Room 233S
Contact: Lisa Robinson, 331-5999

This is a large class, both singles and couples, of all ages with varied backgrounds and diverse perspectives. Lessons vary and lively discussions are encouraged. This class meets prior to the class for refreshments and once a month for a social event.

Pairs and Spares
Room 234S
Contact: Kent Carlson, 576-7953

This small class of singles and couples of all ages enjoy honest, stimulating discussion in an open and questioning manner. Studies will be led by various members covering a variety of topics including the Bible, current books and videos as they search for understanding as to how Christianity relates to living in the complex world of today.This class is on a summer break. We will resume September 9, 2018.


Building Faithful Families (BFF)
Campbell Reading Room
Contact:  Ken McDowell 

An interactive class in which we grow in our knowledge of God, family, and ourselves to enhance our own families and reach out to our community and world.