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Hope in an Envelope 2021

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Dear Hope in an Envelope Supporter,

I want to thank you for believing in and supporting the young adults of our congregation. They will be sharing God’s grace in many contexts this summer and throughout the coming year. The goal is to raise funds for the future and to support the ongoing Missions of our community and the work these young adults will do.  And with you, we can do it!

Although we are still navigating the ever-changing, summer schedules we still stand with resolve in our mission which has not changed; we will continue to INVITE fellowship, DIG deep spiritually, and SERVE all like Jesus did…its method just evolves.

We HOPE to gather this summer. We HOPE to serve together this summer. We have HOPE in Jesus and will be led into the future where the mission continues. Our campaign is from May 1 through May 19.

Simply donate what you are able. During our in-person campaigns in the past, you would have chosen an envelope numbered $1-$200. We are grateful for any amount you can give.

Go to: fumc-cs.org, Youth page, Hope in an Envelope tab

DIRECTIONS IN-PERSON (Hospitality Center):
First: Chose an envelope on which there is a dollar amount printed on the outside. This is your donation amount.

Second: There is another smaller envelope enclosed with this letter. Please be sure to write your contact information on this smaller envelope, place your donation check inside of it (made out to “FUMC” with “Hope Envelope” in the memo line).

Please return the small envelope one of three ways:

  1. Hope in an Envelope table in the Hospitality Center on Wednesdays, May 5, 12, or 19.
  2. Mail to FUMC 420 N Nevada Ave Colorado Springs CO 80903, ATTN Youth Ministry.
  3. Give to me, Zach Walker, Director of Youth Ministry.

Please be sure to fill out your contact information so we can contact you about upcoming Youth Events.

Once again, thank you so much for believing in our FUMC Youth. May God bless you and all of our wonderful FUMC congregation who make it possible for young adults to grow spiritually and serve others with God’s love. There is a movement here!

Here are some of the ways our FUMC Youth have and will continue to serve:
Learning and serving on our trip to Milwaukee, WI, set for another summer!
John Wesley Ranch Mission/Work Week (repairing, fire mitigation, trail-building)
Serving as co-leaders at the Tweens4God (T4G) Camp at John Wesley Ranch
Doing wildfire recovery work near-by with CUSP
Completing trail and park clean-up projects here in town
Fundraising for Veteran Support Services
Fundraising for The Place
Inside-Out Fundraising
Serving with Feed My Starving Children