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Feed My Starving Children Update

We have seen many challenges, changes and uncertainty over the last few months. Speaking for the FMSC Team, we hope you have stayed healthy and found some peace during this chaotic time. While many of us are trying our best to stay hopeful, many other people around the world don’t even know where their next meal will come from. According to the World Health Organization, by the end of 2020, 265 million people will be suffering from hunger related issues, calling it a hunger pandemic of biblical proportions.

Prior to the pandemic, FMSC was sending 30 million meals out per month. In March they had to shut down and for nine days they went to zero meals produced. However, the staff at FMSC did not give up and nine days later they had partnered with companies in MN to start producing meals using machines. They had resisted this route because of the cost but, as Mark Crea, FMSC’s CEO, stated “No food – kids will die, this is unacceptable!” They also partnered with a prison in Fairbault, MN to pack food.  The FMSC organization got creative and persevered to send out as much food as possible. Their international staff personally contacted and checked in with each partner which helped them prioritize where the food was to be sent.

FMSC is working to bring back volunteers but as you can imagine this will take much thought, prayers and care to ensure a safe return for everyone involved. The bottom line is they need to continue machine packing to try and meet the many and growing needs. This process costs them an additional five cents PER MEAL. To pack the same amount of food as the 2019 fiscal year would require an additional 18 million dollars. While our MobilePack plans have been postponed for a year, we can still help FMSC and here is how:

  • Keep the FMSC staff, volunteers, partners and recipients in your prayers.
  • Consider making a donation by going to https://give.fmsc.org/cosprings (this online donation will credit towards our MobilePack but can benefit FMSC right now).
  • Support artisans around the world and put money towards meals by purchasing items and gifts from the FMSC Marketplace found at fmscmarketplace.org (you can see how many meals your purchase will help play for).
  • Talk with any of the FMSC team members to learn more about this mission.
  • Watch for our fundraising efforts to bring a MobilePack back to Colorado Springs next August. We will be working on this as soon as it is safe to do so.

Thank you for you continued support to help feed God’s most vulnerable children. Until all are fed!

Barb Donnegan

FMSC Team Lead

[email protected]

(cell) 651-707-4079