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About the Foundation

The Foundation is a separate entity which only purpose is to support the church. The Foundation exists to accept donations, invest those donations wisely, and distribute earnings from those investments to FUMC in accordance with the donors’ wishes in support of the church’s mission and vision in serving Christ with open heart, open minds and open doors.

The Foundation has a set of bylaws to guide its governance. It has a Gift Acceptance Policy to help guide donors who wish to make donations to the Foundation. It has an Investment Policy to assist the Board in supervising and evaluating the management of the investment portfolio. Perhaps most importantly, the Foundation hires a professional investment advisor who manages and advises the Board on how best to invest and grow the assets to benefit the Foundation, and ultimately, the church. All of these tools enable the Board of Directors for the Foundation to meet its fiduciary duty to fulfill the wish of its donors in providing financial support to the church and its missions. 

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