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Alleluia, Christ is Risen!

Happy Easter to all of you!  It is so wonderful to be able to spend Easter with the congregation this year!  

I got my first vaccine this week, and with Easter also this week, I am seeing new life and growth all around me.  It is a very different week from last week.  Are you seeing signs of new life around you?  Do you see hope for release from COVID restrictions?  Do you have the vaccine, or plan to have it soon?  Are you in your garden planting the cold veggies, or starting seeds in the house?  Have you seen the chicks at Tractor Supply?  

Spring is here! Christ has Risen! Life triumphs over death!  

There is so much beauty in the message of Easter, of Resurrection.  We are reminded of the extent of Christ’s love for us.  We are reminded that life triumphs over death.  We are reminded that after the darkness, come the light, and that spring follows winter.  

We can be easily reminded of these truths simply by looking at the symbols of resurrection that naturally surround us on a daily basis.  We are reminded by the return of the ‘Alleluia’s’ to Worship, the change from purple to white, the new songs we sing in worship, and other reminders that are specific to you.  

Happy Easter to you and your very bouncy, excited children.

Missing you all!

Marjorie Gross, Children's Ministries Director