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Contemplative Offerings

We are happy to offer numerous contemplative offerings throughout the year at FUMC. All events are open to the public, so invite friends! The core offering is our weekly Contemplative Worship gathering on Wendesdays (see below). But there are other ways to connect here as well, like Mountain Sabbath retreat days at John Wesley Ranch, prayer groups, Contemplative Journey classes and more. Slow down. Breathe deep. Allow space for you to become more aware of the whispers of God.  


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Contemplative Worship

Please note that Contemplative Worship does not meet during the summer.
Wednesdays, 5:40-6:25pm (during weeks when Faith Academy classes are meeting)
Prayer Room and Zoom

Led by Dr. Todd Spencer

You are invited to slow down, breathe deep, meditate, pray and sing with this gathering of contemplative souls. We gather in the Prayer Room on the Second Floor of the South Wing. We also stream live on Zoom for those who prefer that https://us06web.zoom.us/j/88008512365.  Our schedule of gathering follows the program schedule of our Wednesday night Faith Academy. Which means that we finish our worship in time for you to participate in a Faith Academy class at 6:30pm. Todd is excited to welcome you! 

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Contemplative Prayer Groups

Would you like to learn how to meditate and see how it can become a nourishing part of your walk with God? Or maybe you been practicing meditation on your own for some time and would like the support of others. Either way, you are invited to join Bruce Sage and Dave Lohmann in the FUMC Prayer Room (2nd Floor of South Wing) each Sunday at 9:30am for 20 minutes of meditation. Bruce and Dave have both found that practicing meditation holds wonderful benefits for their daily lives and also as a preparation for worship of God on Sunday mornings. Come check it out! For more information, contact Bruce at 719.460.2996. 

This prayer group meets on Thursday evenings at 6:30 p.m. at various locations.  For more information about that group, contact Dan and Lori Lohrmeyer at 630-1809.


First Saturday Prayer
Benet Hill monastery is opening up for the Monthly 1st Saturday 1/2 day of Prayer.
Beginning  Saturday, May 7,  at  9:00 we will gather for our usual format and end by 12:00. Please notice the time change from year’s past. Benet Hill is maintaining the policy of the past two years of requiring Vaccination, masks are optional. Donations are accepted.

Weekly Tuesday Centering Prayer Gathering
Another added Prayer benefit is a weekly, Tuesday morning one hour centering prayer session at Benet Hill, from 10:00 to 11:00 am. Same Vaccinations requirements and masks are optional.  The  first session will be May 3, and every Tuesday following. There will be 2- 20minute Centering Prayer sessions with a 20 minute Lectio Divina reflection and sharing between the prayer sessions.
Prior notice of attendance is not necessary.  If you have questions you can contact…
Sister Therese O’Grady, OSB    719-355-1638     stherese@benethillmonastery.org
Sister susan Matarrese, OSB     719-3551650      ssusanmatarrese@benethillmonastery.org


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Mountain Sabbath Retreat Days

These restful retreat days happen on scheduled Sundays (see dates below)
9:00 am-4:30 pm
at John Wesley Ranch
(21285 CO-67, Divide, CO 80814)

March 12th
July 9th
September 24th

March 17th
July 14th
September 22nd 

“Sabbath” means “to rest from labor” or "stopping with God." A Mountain Sabbath is an opportunity to set aside your normal schedule for a quiet day with others in the mountains at our beautiful John Wesley Ranch in Divide, Colorado.

We begin with coffee and tea in the Lodge at 9:00 am. We then enjoy at time for Contemplative Worship. After Worship, we share in a time of encouragement around an uplifting spiritual teaching. Then, lunch in the Lodge (bring your own sack lunch please) During the afternoon, persons are invited to practice activities that help them to slow down and soak-in the present moment like praying the Labyrinth, walking the Prayer Path, reading, hiking, art as meditation, napping, meeting with a spiritual director, or other soul-refreshing activities. We close the day by gathering for Holy Communion and a blessing, ending by 4:30 pm. While not required, we suggest a donation of $10-$20 per person, which will support this and other contemplative offerings of FUMC. For more information and to register, contact
Dr. Todd Spencer at Todds@fumc-cs.org or 719.471.8522. 


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Saturday, June 4, 9am-Noon
Meet us at the Pain Mines (29950 Paint Mine Rd., Calhan, CO)
Must RSVP Todds@fumc-cs.org by June 1
Join Todd Spencer and Mike and Sarah Reeder for a morning of quiet, relaxed hiking and reflection in this special place of natural beauty. We will meet at The Paint Mines at 9am and complete our time before noon. The hike will be between 2-3 miles. There is a slight elevation gain of about 100 feet. Please wear and bring sunscreen, sturdy walking shoes, sunglasses, a hat, and bring at least two bottles of water (no water available at the site), and snacks. Again, please RSVP by Wednesday, June 1 by contacting Todd. 

Wednesday, July 20, 7pm
Meet us at Eagle View Middle School Tennis Courts Parking Lot (1325 Vindicator Dr, Colorado Springs)
Must RSVP Todds@fumc-cs.org by Sunday, July 17
Jane Scanlon, a Certified Forest Therapy Guide, will be guiding us on this gentle sunset walk among the ancient rock structures and forest life of this beautiful and diverse park. While the walk will not be long and will be taken at a slower pace, there are some hills to climb. Bring your own water bottle and wear sturdy shoes.  Bring a friend! Don't forget to RSVP Todds@fumc-cs.org by July 17! 


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You    are    warmly    invited    to    join Dr. Todd Spencer in meditating and  praying  with  a  different  text  of Scripture each week by listening to his Lectio Divina (when in doubt) Podcast.

Each podcast begins with a brief time of centering, with a reading around a contemplative theme and a piece of quiet music. After that, the listener is guided through a hearing of the text 3 different times, with some silence in between. The listener is invited to listen for a word or phrase that seems to shimmer, give pause, highlight itself, as a gift from God. And then, there is some concluding encouragement for further meditation on what was given during the prayer time. Usually, the podcast lasts about 20-25 minutes, including the silence. Most listeners use the podcast for personal time of meditation and prayer, but many also use it as a way to begin their time with a small group or staff gatherings as well.

Dr. Spencer has produced this podcast weekly for over a decade. Listeners come from over 150 different countries across the globe. If you are hungry for a special way to center your day or week with God’s prompting, come, slow down and meditate and pray with the Scripture!