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How we are staying connected!


How we are staying connected

While we are all separate, I want to provide resources for you and your families. The first thing I am doing is sending out weekly emails.  I will be including links to awesome resources, sharing what information I can with you, and providing tools to help the kids in your family pray, learn and worship.

I also hope we can stay connected through the new Instagram and Facebook pages!  You can find both under the handle fumc_kids_coloradosprings

Several times a week, I will be posting on Facebook and Instagram, and I encourage you to help the kids in your family respond back to me by filming short videos, taking pictures, or sending me a message!  I will keep anything shared with me private, unless I am given permission to share.  If you do want to share something with a broader audience, our hashtag is #fumckidscs

I suspect you have seen the many resources out there with wonderful advice about how to talk with kids about what is going on.  My favorite resource is from PBS, and it also has great links to provide you with more resources.  

Kids are full of questions, and I am sure they have lots right now, and it is hard to have the answers, especially when they start asking the big God questions.  Here are a few pointers on handling those conversations.  

  • Instead of saying “God will keep me healthy”, say “God is with me all the time, and God will always be with me!”
  • Pray with them.  Ask God to be with their loved ones they are worried about.  
  • Encourage them to draw or write a list of their prayer requests.  If you share it with me, I will also pray for those requests.
  • Tell the kids that God knows how they are feeling, and that it is a safe to time feel sad, scared, mad, or any other emotion they have.  Remind them that God is always with them, no matter what happens, and that God always loves them.  Ask them how they think God is calling them, and ask how that makes them feel. 

Finally, I am going to suggest a family activity that draws on the scripture from yesterday - Jesus and the Woman at the Well.  The story is found in John 4:5-42, if you want to read it together as a family.  One of the things we can all do to stay healthy right now is to take walks.  Take a long walk together, and as you walk, talk about everything you see, hear, feel and smell. Talk about what it would be like to walk all the way to the next town.  When you get home, take turns offering glasses of water to one another, and talk about how the water tastes.  How would living water compare to it?  (Allow for all answers!)   You might also encourage the kids to create their own handwashing signs for the family, with pictures showing how to use soap and water to keep us healthy!

I am praying for you all, and am sending you my love.