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FUMC Preschool will be closed Monday - Friday, November 23 -27, for Thanksgiving Break.

We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

A Children’s Thanksgiving Prayer

Thank you God for all that grows,
thank you for the sky's rainbows.

Thank you for the stars that shine,
thank you for these friends of mine.

Thank you for the moon and sun,
thank you God for all you've done!

— Author unknown

See more pictures here

To all our families!
Thank you for attending our Popsicle Drive-by & Goodbye Day.  It was a great way to end the school year!  We had so much fun and it was great seeing all of you again!  The teachers and I appreciate all of you and we look forward to next year.  Please stay healthy and be safe.

Many Blessing,

Go before you
Walk beside you
Stand behind you

"I am with you always!" Matthew 28:20

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Ideas for your children at home


Hello Parents,

I hope you and your children are staying healthy and well, both physically and emotionally.  I would like to pass along a resource that was sent to me. It is a COVID-19 Social Emotional Resource for children ages 2 - 7 years old.

It is available in 2 formats:

I hope this will be helpful to you during this time.

Many Blessings,

Dear Parents,

Kaplan Early Learning Company sent me an email of some different resources that I thought I would share with you to do with your children to help keep them occupied while we are all at home.  I hope you try some and enjoy it.  Thinking of you, Dianna


» https://www.kaplanco.com/ii/leftover-craft-collages?CategoryID=29

» https://www.kaplanco.com/ii/rainbow-wind-chimes?CategoryID=33

» https://www.kaplanco.com/ii/nature-paintbrush?CategoryID=29

» https://www.kaplanco.com/ii/dump-art-for-kids?CategoryID=29


»  https://www.kaplanco.com/ii/color-wheel-nature-hunt?CategoryID=29

»  https://www.kaplanco.com/ii/chalk-activities?CategoryID=29

»  https://www.kaplanco.com/ii/paint-throwing-activity?CategoryID=29

»  https://www.kaplanco.com/ii/tree-rubbings?CategoryID=29

»  https://www.kaplanco.com/ii/nature-paintbrush?CategoryID=29

»  https://www.kaplanco.com/ii/nature-bracelet-activity?CategoryID=29


» https://www.kaplanco.com/ii/ice-cream-activity?CategoryID=30

» https://www.kaplanco.com/ii/cutting-the-lawn?CategoryID=30

» https://www.kaplanco.com/ii/animal-washing-activity?CategoryID=30

» https://www.kaplanco.com/ii/astronaut-glove-box?CategoryID=29