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First United Methodist and Foundation Scholarship Awards

The Scholarship Committee of First United Methodist Church and The Foundation is pleased to present the scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year.  With many thanks to the members, families, and friends who have endowed and contributed to the many and varied scholarship funds, the committee is able to award scholarships for academics, advanced theological degrees, vocational and technical education, as well as for Choir Tours and Mission Trips. The Committee also thanks the Bereans Class, which provides and annual scholarship for a high school graduating senior and First Company, which provides an annual academic scholarship for someone majoring in an area of performing arts.  

Each year the applicants have become more and more impressive and this year has been no exception!  The Committee is very pleased that it is able to present each applicant with a scholarship to assist them in pursuing their educational goals. 

The committee is honored and pleased to recognize the 2022 scholarship recipients.

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First United Methodist Church congratulates the recipients of this year’s academic scholarship awards:

Maggie Brooks
Sam Brooks
Elicia Conner
Thijs DeRubis
Aubree Geiser
Shaylee Geiser
Hunter Massey
Madeline Radcliff
Mary Rudolph
Walker Rudolph
Derek Shimizu
Ethan Spencer
Lukas Spencer
Zach Walker

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To find out more about the FUMC Foundation Scholarships, visit the FUMC Foundation page.