This fall, First Company is proud to present the play Number the Stars!

Katie Harmon has been wanting to direct this theatrical version of Lois Lowry’s 1989 award-winning novel for more than six years. But it wasn’t as easy. Harmon enlisted her brother, Andrew, to develop a script earlier this year. He has acted in First Company productions of My Fair Lady and Guys and Dolls, and designed sound.

The book and play tells the story of the Rosens, a Jewish family from Copenhagen who along with most of Denmark’s Jewish population was hidden then shuttled on fishing boats to neutral Sweden during World War II. The story is told by 10-year-old Annamarie Johansen, who learns that bravery is acting in spite of fear, a lesson that helps her save her best friend, Ellen Rosen. Annamarie admires her older sister, Lise, who was killed by Nazis for her work with the Danish Resistance.

"And now she and all the Danes were to be bodyguard for all of Denmark's Jews. Would she die to protect them? Truly? Annemarie was honest enough to admit, there in the darkness, to herself, that she wasn't sure. For a moment she was frightened. But she pulled the blanket up higher and relaxed. It was all imaginary, anyway--not real. It was only in the fairy tales that people were called upon to be brave, to die for one another, not in real life Denmark. Oh there were the courageous Resistance leaders, who sometimes lost their lives; that was true. But ordinary people like the Rosens and the Johansens? Annemarie admitted to herself, that she was glad to be an ordinary person who would never be called upon for courage." "That's what brave means --not thinking about the dangers. Just thinking about what you must do. Of course you were frightened, but you kept your mind on what you had to do." "Somehow Annemarie must find the strength and courage to save her best friend's life."

Adults: $15
Senior/Military: $12
Student: $5

Fridays, October 27 & November 3 - 7:00 pm
Saturdays, October 28 & November 4 - 7:00 pm
Sundays, October 29 & November 5 - 2:30 pm

First United Methodist Church Theatre
420 N Nevada Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903



420 N Nevada Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903