A church isn’t a building, it’s a collection of people. We know that firsthand. We meet in a school. So, for us, church is definitely not about location.  It’s about a people who gather in the midst of God’s love, which is present even in a school gym!

First United Methodist Prairie Campus is made up of people who are followers of Jesus, with open hearts, open minds, and open hands to serve.  Come Meet God, Make Friends, and Make a Difference!

We are an inclusive community of faith, inviting ALL to find welcome at God’s big table!


Our Values are what drive everything we do at FUMC Prairie Campus, and how we love and care for those in our community and in our church.


Above everything else, we are followers of Jesus. We stumble and bumble along the way, but God in Jesus Christ has captured our hearts and our lives with a life-giving grace that takes our breath away.  Each day we aim to be Christ’s disciples, to follow in his ways of self-sacrifice for others, love for our enemies, reaching out to the poor, marginalized, and outcast. We have heard Christ’s call to “come and follow me”.  It is our deepest desire to follow in the footsteps of the One who has transformed our lives.


Is this a progressive, moderate or traditional church?  Yes!

Our world is torn apart by the culture wars into opposing camps - the Left and the Right.  But the United Methodist Church has always stood in the middle.  We are a denomination that has been willing to listen to and hold together those things that often are found in differing camps.  In this sense, we are a “Big Tent” church, holding together and creating community among people who believe different things or who don’t even know what they believe.  We are not threatened by those who believe differently but welcome the opportunities that come with friendship among diverse peoples.  That is how we grow…and we love that!  Is it messy?  Yes.  Is it sometimes uncomfortable?  Yes. Does it call for a bunch of humility and compassion? Yes.

But we like it that way.

There is room for us to disagree with each other and still be one in love. Or as John Wesley would say it, “Though we cannot think alikemay we not love alike?”

So, for us, what we mean when we say we are open minded, is really that we are open-hearted.  We will love you whatever you believe, as together with great passion and joy, we follow Jesus.  All of this is by the grace of God.


Our welcome is wide open! We intentionally welcome all people, regardless of sexual orientation, race, socio-economic status, political or cultural background. We believe in the radical inclusivity of Christ's life, love, and message and we do our imperfect best to extend Biblical hospitality to everyone.  Our hope is that the transformational love of Jesus will unite us as we uphold the United Methodist tradition of staying together as a witness to the world that even when we disagree, we can still make room, welcoming all to the table as Christ has welcomed us.

You can read more about our beliefs from our parent church, FUMC Downtown Campus.

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