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Military and Senior Citizens: $12
Students: $5

God's Favorite

"God's Favorite" by Neil Simon

Successful Long Island businessman Joe Benjamin is a modern-day "Job" being tested to his wits end. He is visited by Sidney Lipton, a.k.a. A Messenger from God (and compulsive film buff) with a mission: test Joe’s faith and report back to “the Boss.” The jokes and Tests of Faith fly fast and furious as Neil Simon spins a contemporary morality tale like no other in this hilarious comedy. This comedy is directed by Marty Fennewald.

March 13 l 14 l 15 l 20 l 21 l  22
Friday and Saturday Shows: 7:30 PM
Sunday Shows: 2:30 PM


First Company Theater
420 N Nevada Ave
Colorado Springs, CO

Joe Benjamin - Dan Robbins
Ben Benjamin - Austin Allen
Sarah Benjamin - Sarah Atkinson
Rose Benjamin - Terri Oderman
Dani Benjamin - Shelby Evanoika
Mady - Mary Pearsall
Morris - Jamie Foster
Sidney Lipton - Catherine McGuire

About the Play

Marty Fennewald chose “God’s Favorite” as First Company’s spring production not to make a religious statement (the play is based on the Old Testament character of Job) but because the story is poignant, thought-provoking and funny.

The dark comedy written by Neil Simon tells the story of Joe Benjamin, a devout multimillionaire with a wife, prodigal daughter, a pair of kooky twins, a maid and a butler. A messenger from God arrives at Joe’s Long Island mansion and announces God has named Joe his favorite person, prompting Satan to make a bet he can get Joe to renounce God. Despite losing his home and business and suffering numerous afflictions, Joe never gives in.

“The strength of this play is the characters, and the cast has a daunting task to develop rock-solid, multi-dimensional and believable characters to tell this story,” Fennewald said. “I think this play can speak to a lot of people. Everybody has a moment in life when they think: Why is God picking on me?”

Dan Robbins, a First Company board member who most recently directed “Sister Act” plays Joe, while Catherine McGuire, a veteran actor in local theatre productions, television commercials and documentaries, makes her First Company debut as Sydney Lipton, God’s messenger. She is one of two women cast in parts that were written for males. The other is Shelby Evanoika, who plays Dani Benjamin, Joe’s prodigal daughter.