FUMC Foundation Scholarships

The FUMC Foundation provides gifting opportunities to those individual, families and foundations that wish to provide long-term support to the Church’s facilities, programs, ministries and missions. The monies, donated are often given in memory or in honor of members of our congregation. The Foundation invests these donations and uses the monies earned to provide support to the Church.

Did you know that student scholarships are offered each year for students within the First United Methodist Church who are seeking a higher education?  These scholarships are given on an annual basis to help members of our congregation earn a college degree or go on to advanced theological training. During 2017, the church budget has received $374,000 and, along with the Berean Sunday School Class, has presented ten scholarships to members of the FUMC congregation. To date the scholarships presented have exceeded $108,000 with additional scholarship funds given to support Youth Choir Tour and Youth Missions. 

These scholarships have been made possible through the generosity of donations to the Foundation specifically designated by the donors for use on scholarships. These donations – which are then invested — are often made in the name of an individual or designated to a certain period or type of education. While there are too many such funds to name here, for example, the Miriam Barrett Seminary Student Scholarship provides assistance to students in acquiring the theological training needed to pursue a career in an approved religious affiliated institution. The Debra L. Hadley Youth Student Scholarship assists high school graduates that are now or have been associated with the Youth Ministries or Youth Music Program of First United Methodist Church, in acquiring a College, Community College or Trade School education, and the Kris Lohrmeyer Youth Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance for young people to attend either a Youth Singers Spring Tour or a Youth Mission Trip. There are many other funds with specific designations and purposes as designated by the donor. 

Each year, the Scholarship Committee solicits applications from students – of all ages. The committee then undertakes the task of carefully considering the merits of the applicants – a task that is made increasingly more difficult as the candidates become ever more worthy. Applications and scholarship booklets are available in December each year, and can be found in the racks around the church and online with applications due in early January through the end of February. Using a rolling average percentage of the various scholarship funds to provide a scholarship amount from each specified fund, the Scholarship Committee – which is a separate committee within the Church – decides who should be awarded which scholarships within the funds available. The Foundation will continue to grow these  funds so our FUMC students can look forward to scholarship help in the future.

Unrestricted or Restricted?

The members of the FUMC Foundation Board are committed to following the wishes of the donors about how monies earned by donations are used. Often, donors want the Foundation Board members to determine the best use of the earned monies based on the needs of the Church at that time. This type of donation enables the Foundation to support, for example, the Steward of the Gifts campaign and construction of the Ranch House. Other times, donors want the earnings from their gifts to be used for a specific purpose or ministry. One specific use is the provision of student scholarships. Currently, other restricted funds include the Ranch, Music, TV Ministry, and World-wide Missions. The Foundation also makes a specific gift to the Church Board of Trustee's to help fund capital improvement projects. 

Starting A Scholarship or Making a Donation

Do you want to help members of First United Methodist Church pursue higher education? The Foundation is always looking for additional money to increase the value of the present scholarships or for anyone who desires to establish a new scholarship in memory of a loved one or valued friend. Amounts of $10,000 or greater are needed to establish a new scholarship. Any amount can be donated to the Foundation to enhance one of the present scholarships.  

Donations to the Foundation — whether restricted or unrestricted — are tax deductible for income tax purposes.  If you are interested in making a donation to the Foundation for use in establishing a new scholarship, adding to one of the present scholarships, or more generally providing long-term support to the Church, please feel free to contact the current President of the Foundation, Ben Miller at 719-360-9117 or lskyway16@gmail.com