Growing Assets

Starting from scratch, the Foundation has grown  the current value of the assets it manages to over $10 million. While investment growth is central to the Foundation’s tenets, the most critical and valuable source of growth is the donation of assets from individuals, families, and family foundations who wish to build a legacy to benefit the church for many years into the future.  With over 40 major donors, it is not possible to list all of the people who have chosen to donate to the Foundation here, but we are indebted to the kind generosity and foresight of many individuals and families, including the Arnold & Hazel Hatch Fund, the Hubbard Fund, the Donna O. Toncray Fund, the Essie O. Robertson Fund, and most recently, the Joyce & Perry Trytten Scholarship Fund and the Jack K. Agee Fund.

Supporting the Church

Over the years, the Foundation has consistently provided financial support to the church. Always welcome, this support became crucial during the economic downturn that began in 2008. The Foundation’s quarterly payments filled the gap when collections dropped, enabling the church to maintain staff and programs to continue to serve members and the community. Some funds are designated to specific missions and purposes in accordance with the donor’s direction; others can be donated to the church for use in supporting its annual operating budget.

Will Program

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