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Human Justice

Slavery is not gone.  We at FUMC are raising awareness to the ongoing threats of Human Trafficking and The Global Slave Trade.  This is a complex and widespread problem, but one that can be solved.  We believe that at the very heart of the gospel there is a call to “set the captives free, and to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” 

We work with other churches and organizations such as the Human Trafficking Task Force of Southern Colorado.  We have partnered to do a Freedom Sunday Worship.  When called upon we collect items for survivors of trafficking.

Our church bookstore The Gate is a Fair Trade Boutique.  We have members of our Human Justice Ministry who advocate for justice issues along the border and educate us about immigration.  We host movies through our Hope and Action Film Nights which bring documentaries to our church theater and to the citizens of Colorado Springs which highlight justice topics.

Our Human Trafficking Ministry Team holds monthly meetings.  If you are interested in knowing more or joining our ministry please contact our HJM Chair, Val Stevenson at