Faith Academy Classes

If you have never attended one of our Faith Academy classes, you are missing out! These Wednesday night classes are led by members of our staff or other church members sharing on a topic they have chosen. As Rev. Kent said during one of his Sunday sermons, “You never get to the point in your life that you know so much that you don’t need to continue your Christian Education.”

In addition to learning a lot in these interesting classes, you get to meet new friends and be with old friends. It’s fun! Each of our classes is grouped into one of four categories: Scripture (dealing with a Biblical study); Tradition (dealing with historical events or writings about Christianity); Reason (dealing with Theology or other thought provoking religious topics); or Experience (dealing with spiritual or missional type studies that address the leader’s and your personal experiences with the religious topic).

Faith Academy classes go from September to April and are divided in 5 sessions of 4-5 weeks each. Schedules and information are published online, in the church newsletters.